• KN95 Face Masks (10 Pack)

    These high quality KN95 Face Masks come in packs of 10 masks sealed in a clear plastic polybag. Available while supplies last. Limit 3 per customer.

    For larger orders, contact us. We can supply large quantities.

    $69.99 $49.99
  • SB Wrinkle, Dark Spot & Crepe Eraser

    Want to erase crepe skin? Fine lines and wrinkles? Combines anti-wrinkle and skin brightening in one. Amazing instant face lifting effect tightens and revitalizes. Dermatologist Tested.

  • SB Dark Under Eye Corrector

    Triple Action Formula instantly cools, calms and refreshes tired, puffy eyes. Unique metal roller ball applicator! Dermatologist tested.

  • SB Bust & Butt Enhancer

    Saggy or lumpy butt? Triple action formula activates, volumizes and firms for amazing butt enhancement without surgery. Dermatologist tested.

    $49.95 $29.95
  • SB After Waxing for Ingrown Hairs


    Want to prevent ingrown hairs? A revolutionary new, clean, gentle, all-natural solution for after waxing or shaving to help prevent red bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Convenient pre-soaked cotton pads. Gentle. No alcohol! 30 Pads.

    • Eliminates red bumps from razor burn and waxing, shaving and other hair removal procedures.
    • Prevents ingrown hairs.
    • Comes in convenient pre-soaked cotton pads.
    • All natural. Non-flammable.
    • No alcohol to dry out or sting the skin.
    • No unpleasant smell or sensation.
    • Natural extracts to help skin.
    • Is professional tested and trusted.